Dog Park Grand Opening

At The Watering Bowl, we like to think of ourselves as a cage-free canine community. Now, we’re taking that designation a step further with by helping to open our first-ever dog park in the St. Louis community.

Introducing the Forest Park Southeast Dog Park. No cages, no leashes—just a great place to #domorewithyourdog.

The map of Forest Park Southeast Dog Park

Just up the street.

Forest Park was recently recognized as the #1 urban park in America. And that was before this beautiful and convenient dog park opened right next door.

As the founding sponsor for the new dog park, our tails are wagging pretty hard.

We love seeing these bonding opportunities for dogs and their owners springing up in our neighborhood. And this new spot is just a bone’s throw from our Dog Grove location.

In fact, it’s right at the corner of Chouteau and Tower Grove Ave inside Chouteau Park. It’s a full half acre of fenced, cage-free area for dogs of all sizes. For safety purposes, all attendees must become members, but that’s easy. You can click here to see how it’s done.

So, hypothetically, and this is merely a for-instance, you could take your dog to the Dog Grove for a day of play. The pup can learn a new trick from Tracy at a private lesson through Butt Sniffers Academy. Then, you could pick up your studious pooch, take ‘em to the Forest Park Southeast Dog Park and practice your new tricks.

Banner for Forest Park Southeast Dog Park.

Coming soon to a dog park near you.

And who knows? We may even start doing a little shuttle service back and forth with the Waggin’ Wagon. See? Now we’re just getting excited again.

The possibilities are endless. And you can bet we are going to have a great time opening this new spot on June 11.

You’re welcome to join us for the pomp and circumstance and pooper scooping. And let your friends know about this brand new gem within one of the crown jewels of our fair city.