Dog-Friendly Stomping Grounds

We consider ourselves fortunate that our cage-free canine community is nestled within one of the most canine-friendly cities in the country. It’s been noted over and over again. And we can’t say we’re surprised.

We tip our caps to our fellow dog-loving businesses around town. This list from Foursquare focuses mainly on restaurant locations. And they’re all great.

But we’d like to add a few more to dog pile.

The Old Millstream Inn in St. Charles for example. It’s a great spot to have a beer while your dog sips bowl of his own.

Or The Moonrise Hotel, where you can even bring your pet to stay with you. In fact, just about anywhere on the loop will welcome your pooch.

Foursquare called out The BoatHouse in Forest Park, but the Creve Coeur Lakehouse welcomes dogs as well. And it has some pretty great scenery of its own.

Our Dog Grove neighbor, Tamm Avenue Grill has a spot for your dog and you to enjoy your surroundings. It’s in Dogtown, so you’ll both feel right at home.

Plus, there are all the great companies that let people bring dogs to work. Now, you might think we’d rather your dog stay with us, but honestly, it’s great for you and your dog to gain a variety of experiences. And we encourage all of our clients to explore new horizons with their pups as often as they can.

And while you’re at it, feel free to add your favorite places below. We’ll take any opportunity to share new places to #DoMoreWithYourDog.

Here’s a start from some of our staff and, presumably, their dogs:

The Hideaway in South City.

Shameless Grounds coffee shop and bar in Benton Park.

Demun Oyster Bar in Clayton.

Sanctuaria in the Grove.

And Broadway Oyster Bar.

Evidently, dogs know where to get the best oysters, beer and coffee.