Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Summertime At TWB

While we don’t play favorites with the seasons, it seems like everyone loves to play during the summer at The Watering Bowl doggy daycare. And our dog boarding becomes as popular as Disney in the summertime. (Minus the long lines.)

Hey, maybe there’s a correlation. Who knows, but we sure love having more friends over to run and play and exercise and sniff.

And we are prepared with well over 4,000 square feet of climate-controlled play space at each of our locations.

Aside from the air-conditioned indoor area, we also fill up the doggy pools and splash around outside. And we always make sure everyone has plenty of water at all times—as our name would suggest.

Small dog playing with a bigger on indoors.

“Hey, let’s hangout!”

It truly is a magical time to be here. And our pictures on Facebook can attest to the fun we’re having.

Because dogs flock to us during the Summer months, we encourage all of our guests to make their reservations in advance. Especially when it comes to your European vacation or trip to Mount Rushmore. Our boarding slots fill up faster than a fountain drink. (That’s pretty fast, no matter the size.)

And with the Fourth of July coming up, we want to give everyone a heads up that we are instituting a small holiday fee of $5/day.  And we do ask for a $50 deposit for each boarder. Of course, that $50 amount will go directly to your dog’s stay with us. But it allows us to make sure we are staffed well and not unnecessarily turning away any friends.

Two dogs in a pool outside.

“Ever made a whirlpool?”

It’s already been an amazing Summer with the first-ever TWB Hangover Contest to kick it off. And the fun is just starting to heat up.

So if your dog has been cooped up in the a/c at home and you’d like him to get some socialization without overheating, bring him to either of our locations. In both South County and Brentwood, we are equipped for the hot St. Louis Summer. Both locations are cage-free dreams-come-true for dogs.