Christina Chatman

Christina has spent her entire life around dogs. Just ask Fajita, Loki, Crush, Disco and Kerry Jo. These five personal pets can attest to not only her commitment but also to her compassion.

Christina Chatman

Christina Chatman

Respectively, they are: a Chihuahua, pit bull mix, shepherd mix, boxer and a shar pei mix. And it’s the variety that Christina loves.

Her favorite part about working at The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding is that she gets to know the “regulars” but has a chance to play with a different group of new best friends every single day.

Now the Floor Leader at our South County location, Christina has been with The Watering Bowl for two years. She started with us working weekends and enjoyed the fact that she could bring her crew into work with her.

Her schedule also allowed her to administer in-home care to her Grandfather. A licensed EMT and in-home caregiver, Christina brings a lot of expertise to TWB.

And her care for others showed at an early age.

When she was just five years old, she and her took in a rescue Chihuahua, Fifi, from the Humane Society. Today, she helps us bring in one rescue dog to South County each week to spread the love of our Cage-Free Canine Community to pups and potential adoptive parents.

In addition to her five dogs (in case you didn’t tally up all the names earlier), Christina also has four cats. So she’s definitely accustomed to groups of animals whether here at TWB or at home.

Staff Spotlight at The Watering Bowl

Christina Chatman with four-legged friends at TWB

And we couldn’t be more proud to have Christina Chatman as part of our family. Make sure you say hello next time and find out how she manages to come up with names for all of her four-legged friends.