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Let Them Let It Out

You may have noticed some new advertising around town from your favorite cage-free canine community. It’s not a figment of your imagination. It’s the latest in our ongoing efforts to woo you and your dog to one of our three locations in Brentwood, South County and the Dog Grove. And it stars our amazing clientele,… Read more »

Treats Unleashed and Dogs Unleashed

It was only a matter of time before two local companies, who mutually shun leashes, would come together for the betterment of St. Louis dogs. That’s exactly what happened when we decided to begin a fun partnership with Treats Unleashed. If you’re not familiar with them and their products, check out that link back in… Read more »

All Up In Your Suitcase

We’ve noticed a few trends over the years. The Doggy Hangover is one. Better behavior through socialization is another. But we’ve also noticed trends among our human clientele. Specifically, those with TWB T-shirts. We see our happy little pieces of apparel popping up in Facebook and on Instagram. And we couldn’t be more pumped. So,… Read more »

What’s Not To Like?

There’s a lot of great stuff happening at The Watering Bowl. Our cage-free canine community is expanding to the city. Butt Sniffers Academy is continually ranked as the foremost four-legged institute of higher learning. We have fancy, schmancy new camera equipment for posting videos of our dogs. And we are getting dangerously close to 10,000… Read more »

Throwing Out Cardinals Tickets

Green grass, leather gloves, a ball to throw back and forth? That’s right. It’s time to get out and play with your dog. And at The Watering Bowl, we’re doing just that every single day. But we realize there’s also another reason to get outside and play—baseball. For those who are fans of their dogs… Read more »

Endless Love

We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we received during our 5th Anniversary celebration. With over 70 submissions in the first-ever TWB Love Letter Contest, it was a lot to go through. But we would do it all again because it seems like everyone enjoyed putting their affection on paper almost as much as… Read more »

The Love Was Overwhelming

It was also mutual. Thank you to everyone who participated in our 5th Anniversary celebration last month. We had a blast reminiscing and giving a ton of stuff away. Hats, free days, leashes, discounts—it was a whirlwind of excitement for us at both locations.