Welcome Back Q&A

Come On In

We can’t wait to welcome you back inside our locations. With guidelines evolving daily, it can be confusing to know what to do when and where. Do you keep the…

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St. Peters Outdoor Daycare Boarding

And for your dog, that somewhere just so happens to be the TWB location of your preference. We realize that everyone is easing back into the idea of travel. Just…

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Get right out of town

The ball keeps rolling around here. As of late June, all services are back online, across every TWB location. Which means it’s a good time to board your pup while…

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Best Spring Break Ever

We don’t want to jinx it. But reports are flooding in from TWB locations across St. Louis and St. Charles that spring weather has arrived — and that spring itself…

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Over The River And Through The Bowl

Bulldog car ride for doggie boarding St. Peters Missouri

If your holiday expedition finds you heading westward, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to bring your dog along for at least one leg of the…

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You may not realize it, but not every boarding facility keeps staff around overnight. And while it is nice to see them snooze, The Watering Bowl pulls all-nighters for safety…

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Top 3 Summer Vacation Ideas From Your Dog

Every Spring, the magazine writers and bloggers get to work publishing ideas for vacation destinations. They do their research and come up with great options for all budgets and desires.…

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