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An Expanded Curriculum

In 2013, we established the finest four-legged institute of higher learning known as Butt Sniffers Academy. Our first obedience graduating class has since gone on to achieve great things, including obeying their owners and meeting more new friends at The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare.

New Turf Is Growing

The benefits of our new synthetic turf have proven so valuable to our South County location that we’ve doubled down and rolled out the new stuff for The Watering Bowl in Brentwood.

We’re not above giving mouth-to-mouth to your dog

In fact, we’ve been schooled in it. Last month, we enrolled our entire staff into a class put on by the American Red Cross. They taught us dog first aid. The half-day course covered things like treating minor wounds, reading a dog’s pulse, identifying emergency situations and, yes, even administering CPR.

TWB Hangover Contest–Winners Announced

**WINNERS ANNOUNCED 7/1/2013** First of all, THANK YOU to all of our participants, voters and employees who made the first-ever TWB Hangover Contest a whole lot of fun! We collected over 7,000 votes with twelve hungover dogs receiving 100+ votes in the first round. And as if that wasn’t enough, we had two dogs tie… Read more »


As part of our ongoing investment in the doggy daycare experience at The Watering Bowl, we’ve visited the future (at least according to the 1980’s) and brought back a nice chunk of yard to our two locations. That’s right. We have Astroturf. In fact, we have over 5,500 square feet of the stuff between our… Read more »