Why Canine Influenza Matters

Ask just about any PR person, and they might tell you it’s a bad idea to associate your company with a potential issue that hasn’t even hit.

Yet that’s exactly what we’re doing.

The reason is simple—we want your dog to be safe when staying at The Watering Bowl.

We have had exactly zero cases of canine influenza (CIV) reported at The Watering Bowl. And we plan to keep it that way.

So, we’re taking proactive, preventative measures to keep our cage-free canine community healthy. If you haven’t scheduled the first of two boosters for your dog, now is the time.

We are requiring all dogs to have updated canine influenza records by September 6th. And the two shots have to be spaced apart by three to four weeks. We’d hate to turn anyone away from any of our locations, but we will to make sure that those who come to play can do so safely.

And we have partnered with local veterinarians who also care about the health of your dog. They have graciously waived the visit fee and are handing out the booster for a flat $25 each.

It’s great to see how invested they are in the well-being of all of our dogs, and we can’t thank them enough.

Dr. Ed will be at our Dog Grove location on 9/6.

Dr. Clary will be at our Brentwood location on 9/6.

Dr. Rooney will be at our South County location on 8/31.

We welcome you to call and schedule an appointment with her by calling us at (314) 647-3647. Just drop your dog off for daycare and we’ll take care of the rest.

We are also planning to have them back at each location in September so be on the look-out for those dates.

You can learn more about canine influenza from Google. But we recommend talking to your veterinarian.