Cage-Free Employees

We’re proud of our cage-free canine community. It improves behavior, enhances quality of life and provides a much-need energy release for dogs of all ages and sizes.

But it wouldn’t be possible without dedicated employees who oversee our guests, day and night. (In fact, we just recognized the best of the best.)

They’re truly amazing. They know every single dog’s name. Seriously, feel free to issue a pop quiz. They show up early. They clean up . . . stuff. And they do it all with love.

We’re always looking to add more team members. And we invite you to share this posting or job application page with anyone who might be qualified or interested.

It’s a great place to work, and we built our benefits to match our staff. For example, we reimburse for pet wellness exams, and of course, you can bring your dog to work. Plus, we offer advancement opportunities, PTO and wellness incentives. And health insurance to all full-time employees. 

It’s a physically demanding job that’s also incredibly rewarding. Aside from bonding with our clientele, our employees have very obvious shared interests. And we couldn’t be more proud of the team atmosphere they bring to the job.

Prior dog experience is a big plus, but we also provide training for attendants. We follow a protocol for managing dogs and the pack as a whole. Strong communication skills are a must. We are constantly working together to tend to specific needs of individual dogs and work to avoid any gaps in information.

Strong time management and self-motivation are hallmarks of our best employees.

If you don’t see a position available, you’re always welcome to submit your resume online for future consideration, or simply introduce yourself at any of our three locations in Brentwood, South County and the Dog Grove.

And you never know when we might be opening another location near you.