Butt Sniffers Academy

In 2010, The Watering Bowl was founded on the idea that healthy socialization helps you get the most out of your dog’s years. Since then, we have been asked by everyone who notices an improvement in their dog’s behavior whether we offer obedience classes.

Today, we are proud to finally extend this concept of socialization to a class that only The Watering Bowl could offer: The Butt Sniffers Academy.

TWB Butt Sniffers Academy Crest

Sedes Sapientiae

By inviting owners and their promising pups to attend the most sought-after institute of canine education, we are taking the next logical step in improving human interactions with their best friends.

The playfully hoity-toity name gives you an idea of what you can expect. TWB’s Butt Sniffers Academy mixes the good-natured atmosphere your dog already loves with consistent guidance and discipline. We firmly believe this will lead to a well-balanced dog and many happy returns to The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding. (And now obedience classes.)

The weekly one-hour classes begin Tuesday, November 12 at our South County location at 7:15pm.

As for an entrance exam, all friendly dogs who have been spayed/neutered and are up-to-date on their vaccinations required by TWB doggy daycare are invited to enroll.

The first session will run for 4 classes with one week off for Thanksgiving. Tuition is $99, and each class will be limited to 8 enrollees. Stay tuned via facebook and twitter for more classes to be added if we see an overflow of interest in The Butt Sniffers’ Academy.

To sign up for the academy, simply call our South County location at 314.892.8779

A quick recap from the Dean’s office:

Classes start Tuesday, November 12


Dogs must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations

Academy is housed at the South County TWB

4 classes

Tuition is $99

We are looking forward to announcing our first graduating class in December.

Three dogs in a line for obedience class at The Watering Bowl.