BSA Extra Credit for Teachers’ Pet

There’s always that kid in class. The overachiever. The stay-after-class-and-wipe-down-the-chalkboard brown noser.

Well, as it turns out, we have several of those at Butt Sniffers Academy. Ever since we announced our Extra Credit program, eager-to-please pups have been signing up left and right.

In case you’re wondering what it’s all about, here’s the description:

Extra Credit

Your dog can easily become the teacher’s pet with these bite-sized 15-minute training sessions. Customized to your dog’s breed and needs, we develop a mini-class that can include tug of war, herding games, treadmill, dog soccer, fetch, search and find. One or two of these per day will stimulate your dog’s drive and responsiveness. They get to exercise control and just plain exercise.

Maybe you’ve seen a few of the posts on Instagram or Facebook. If so, you can tell it’s a unique program that we’ve been running for a few months, and the early results have been impressive, even to us.

Check it out. Dogs on treadmills are probably why GIFs were invented in the first place.

But the idea of stimulating your dog’s mind by showing them how they can control their environment and their exercise regiment is important. By adding the mental to the muscle, we are able to pack a lot of benefit into these fifteen-minute sessions.

If you want your dog to learn to play Frisbee, we can work on that. Fetch? No problem. Dog soccer? What’s that? Oh yeah, we do that too. And it turns out, four legs are an unfair advantage when it comes to that sport.

You can sign up for these sessions any time. But the treadmill and herding training require a one-hour training session with our dean, Tracy Pritchard for a total of $55.

By focusing on one activity per hyper-focused session, we can show you progress at pick up. And that’s how Extra Credit pays off.