Bring On Spring Break

You think you’re ready for Spring? What about your dog?

While you’re planning a big getaway to the beach, we’re already thinking about breaking out the pools. While you’re daydreaming about Mai Tai’s, we’re looking forward to throwing open the door to our outdoor play area.

It’s Spring Break 2018 at The Watering Bowl, and your dog is invited.

And while you’re off taking selfies with your besties, we’ll be here collecting party pics all day, every day. Hashtag tail wag.

But boarding fills up fast this time of year. So, if you’re out shopping online for the hotel with the best view and the highest thread count, don’t forget to make your dog’s reservation with us. Not to brag, but our amenities are right up there with just about any resort.

Let’s review. Padded floors, giant fans, pools (we already mentioned those) and posh sleeping quarters. With attentive staff onsite around the clock, you can be sure that party won’t stop. It may, however, pause briefly for the occasional nap.

Then, it’s back to mingling on the stationary cruise ship known as The S.S. Watering Bowl with ports in Brentwood, South County and the Dog Grove.

And this year, we have a brand new feature at the Dog Grove location to offer those who don’t have the opportunity to stay with us (namely, humans). Ask at the front desk about our Cage-Free Cameos. They’re custom one-minute videos featuring your dog that we will shoot, edit and upload to a YouTube link for your viewing pleasure while on your own Spring Break.

Just try not to get too jealous.

Cage-Free Cameos are $50 per video. And we’d suggest having one delivered halfway through your trip, so you can show off your dog to all the new friends you meet while you’re away.