Bouncing Off The Floors At TWB

The list of amenities at The Watering Bowl just keeps growing. This time, we are excited to announce new rubber floors inside both of our locations in South County and Brentwood.

Rubber Floors

New rubber floors

But your dog may be the one who’s the most amped about the new addition. You see, rubber floors are even more fun than rubber chew toys for our four-legged clientele. Benefits of the bouncy surface include:

  • – Shock absorption
  • – Traction
  • – Sanitation

While your best friend is jumping and romping with our pack of tail chasers, the rubber floor absorbs the impact. This makes it easier on your pup’s joints and a full day of play that much more fun.

The surface also allows your dog to corner at higher speeds. They’ll be the first to tell you this is extremely important when fetching toys and impressing new acquaintances.

The firm but soft flooring also provides higher vertical leaping ability. It’s not quite a trampoline, but the floor does remain resilient after eight full hours of play in our doggy daycare.

Lastly, your dog will stay cleaner thanks to our slobber-resistant floors. A quick hose cleans off our entire indoor play area and restores our padded paradise to like-new condition every single day.

In case you were wondering how we could possibly improve your dog’s experience here at The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding, there you have it. Rubber floors.

Rubber Floors

Bouncy Bouncy

Your dog will appreciate the new floor smell. You’ll love the safety and cleanliness the floors bring with them.

Next time you’re in, take a peek. And if you’ve never seen The Watering Bowl, this is all the more reason for you to schedule a Sniff Around at the leading cage-free doggy daycare and boarding facility in the St. Louis area.

Other daycares have cages and leashes. We have unfettered fun and thousands of square feet worth of healthy socialization.