Best Spring Break Ever

We don’t want to jinx it. But reports are flooding in from TWB locations across St. Louis and St. Charles that spring weather has arrived — and that spring itself isn’t far behind. Around here it seems tails are wagging wider, steps are peppier, and the Xtreme Green synthetic turf is even greener. So we’d not blame you for planning a little spring vacation.

Your dog wouldn’t blame you either.

Whether it’s a night, a week, or more, they can crash with us. Just bring a doggy bag with separate ziplock meals. We’ll handle the rest and accommodate any special instructions. So unless it’s a nudist vacation, all you have to do is pack your own suitcase. 

We don’t judge. Vacations should be fun. And if you’re concerned about your dog missing out, just know they’ll feel the same way about you. Because they’ll be partying indoors and out, cage-free, splashing, sniffing, and doing what happy dogs do. And we’ll share pictures every day just to prove it. So while you’re posting on social media, they’ll be online too, making all their dog friends super jealous.

But if spring break sounds like late-nights and bad decisions, just know we’re on chaperone patrol around the clock. We get everyone to bed — in their own bed — at a reasonable hour, so they’ll have plenty of energy for the next day. And with our Stay & Train packages, they’ll be more than just well-rested, they’ll gain new skills from our certified trainers. Just let us know ahead of time so we can book a session with our trainers.

And when vacation wraps up, a little pampering goes a long way. For an additional fee, pick and choose from the Paw Spaw menu of nail trimmings, teeth cleanings, and hot oil baths (sorry, dogs only). It’s the perfect end to a few days of play. Just let us know what’s good, and we’ll have them cleaned up before pickup or drop off

So however you’re spending spring break, we’d love to be part of it. Mash that big ol’ book button up top for a day of play, or give one of our locations a call to book a longer stay. And if you’re new to The Watering Bowl, be sure to schedule a free Sniff Around. We’ll want to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable before boarding. See you soon!