The Other Best Part About The End Of Summer

While your pup looks forward to their favorite swim party, it’s time to also think about that other end of summer activity: going back to school.

Sure, it can be a drag. Rigid schedules, waking up early, less pool time. But back-to-school is something we actually look forward to around here.

At Butt Sniffers Academy, our prestigious four-legged institute of higher learning, we’re ready to welcome your dog back with a bang.

You recently read about our new trainer Laura, and she’s got the BSA ready to accept new and returning students. She has her syllabus in hand and is fully equipped to take attendance.

It’s the perfect opportunity to refresh and reinforce good behavior, or learn some new tricks. Above all else, it helps with socialization, our core philosophy. (That’s where the whole Butt Sniffers name came from in the first place.)

And besides, it’s not all homework.

There’s a wide variety of programs, at various levels of experience. Everyone from puppies to agility trainers to non-traditional students looking to get the older dog’s equivalent of an advanced degree. (Owners are always surprised by the value of a refresher course.)

It’s like choosing your electives, but without the add/drop stress. Your dog can even attend while he’s there for daycare. And when you come for pick up, it’s your turn to learn something from your pup.

As trainer Laura notes, we’re consistently amazed by what’s possible through proper training. We’re on a never-ending quest to do what we can to make every interaction between dog and human a rewarding one.

As always, contact us with any questions you might have, and check out our Dog Smarts series, where kibble-sized tips and tricks are served up for your learning and enjoyment.

And make sure there’s room on your dog’s back-to-school shopping list for some quality Butt Sniffers time.