Barking At The Ball Drop

You might still be scrambling to secure your plans for New Year’s Eve, but your dog already has a little something in mind.

In fact, they’ve been discussing it for a while around here. Turns out, dogs are better planners than we give them credit for. It’s a big, cage-free canine New Year’s Eve bash at The Watering Bowl.

And all three locations are in on it.

It’s kind like one of those simultaneous parties in multiple locations like the celebrities do. Only difference is that all of our parties will be in the same time zone. And instead of flying from venue to venue like an A-lister, we’ll have our Waggin’ Wagons standing by to transport any pups who want to check out another hot spot.

Like the biggest of celebrities, however, almost all of our partygoers are known by one name. Jimi, Hank, Milo, Zippy, Josie and The Amazing Goldie. Okay, that last one was like three. But it’s bad form to namedrop anyway, especially with a guest list like ours.

So, if you haven’t secured your plans for some cage-free fun during the holiday break, the least you can do is fulfill your dog’s. And if you haven’t boarded with us before, it includes a full day of play. Not bad for a night on the town.

And, hey, if you do have plans, and you think you might have a bit of a hangover from staying out and playing all night, it’ll be much more enjoyable to share it with your dog.

We have tons of room to roam inside and out. Plus we have plenty of party favors to keep the celebration going. And remember: for dogs, New Year’s Eve is like seven New Year’s Eves crammed into one.

Just make your reservations ahead of time. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting until the last minute and realizing that all the best places to go are already full.

Who’s ready to party?