As easy as CBD

CBD. You’ve probably heard about it a lot recently. Your countercultural friends take it. You’ve read blogs about it. You’ve probably even tried it yourself. But what exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the fastest growing trends amongst humans. A compound found in cannabis and hemp, it is being extensively used as a form of alternative medicine to relieve pains, cure diseases, and reduce anxiety. The lack of THC – the psychoactive part of cannabis – also means that CBD oil can be made available for dogs.

With the legalization of marijuana in many places, people’s interest in CBD has risen – probably for the better. CBD slows down the breakdown of endocannabinoids. Phew that’s a lot of letters. But it’s the release of this molecule that tells your brain to pump the brakes and relax. Since dogs have the same endocannabinoid systems as humans, they have more or less the same reaction to CBD that we do, which would explain the rise in popularity of CBD oil for dogs.

CBD oil is great for pups with anxiety and separation issues. It calms your anxious balls of fur down, and gives them a better quality of life, in general. It is also great alternative for relieving pain, as more traditional medicines might lead to liver and kidney problems. The experts agree with us too. According to a research conducted by Cornell University, CBD oil has shown to significantly reduce the pain dogs with osteoarthritis face.

Just like with all other medicines, however, you have to be cautious with CBD too. Since CBD is not regulated by the FDA, finding a trustworthy brand to shop with is crucial. Try to make sure that your CBD oil is organic – or at least pesticide-free. And while the cheaper option may seem more enticing to your wallet, the most expensive ones are generally of higher quality and, as a result, safer for your dog. These brands are also less likely to have high traces of THC which, will enjoyable for you, might not be as safe for your pup.

CBD can also have a few side effects such as drowsiness, lowered blood pressure, and increased thirst. Don’t worry, these side effects only occur when high doses of CBD are taken and generally go away soon.

We understand that with the newness of CBD, not everyone is comfortable with giving it to their pup. Which is why we suggest going to a vet and asking for alternate treatments to modern medicines, or even doing some research of your own to see what methods would be the best for you, and your dog.