Anni-Pedis – $8

No, that’s not Latin. It’s our way of celebrating.

Specifically, we’re celebrating our 8th Anniversary on Thursday, February 22nd, with nail trims for $8. The eight-dollar Anni-Pedi makes pampering dog more affordable and infinitely more fun to say.

Plus, the dogs deserve it. They’re the whole reason we’re here. And we feel fortunate to have been able to welcome your best friends for eight years now. It doesn’t seem possible. But it does seem like a dream come-true.

And a good nail trim feels pretty great, too. That’s why we’re offering this small token of our appreciation. Just call up the to front desk and ask the Paw Spaw for an Anni-Pedi at two dollars per paw.

You don’t even have to say Anni-Pedi if you don’t want to. But you will be missing out on one the most exciting parts of the promotion if you don’t.

And while this is a promotion, it’s more about our appreciation.

We started The Watering Bowl to build a cage-free canine community, and we’ve seen that community grow into an extended family. Through the years, you’ve shared your dogs with us. And we’d like to think we’ve shared our passion for dogs and their wellbeing with you.

Truly, we are the lucky ones. If you haven’t heard the story about how and why we started this whole thing (spoiler alert: it wasn’t just to offer Anni-Pedis for $8), we invite you to check out this video we released last year to capture the meaning behind The Watering Bowl.

And truly, we thank you for eight wonderful years. Or 56, depending on how you measure.

We look forward to many more.