TWB Philosophy

There's a reason we call it The Watering Bowl

For us, it’s all about socialization. Dogs need it, and so do humans for that matter. It encourages healthy interaction and much-needed exercise.

And water is a great facilitator for interaction. Just ask the kitchen in your house or the upside down cooler in your office. Animals of all species congregate around water—or watering holes if you will. And that’s exactly what we provide for your dogs, a common place to share experiences, burn energy and feel safe to enjoy the company of friends.

For these reasons, we offer multiple places within our facilities for man’s best friends to hang out. First and foremost, we provide plenty of climate-controlled, indoor space where they can sniff out new buddies, unencumbered by leashes. We also provide expansive outdoor areas to run and play. And in the summertime, they can even splash around in our doggy pools, or as we refer to them, oversized watering bowls.

Plus, we offer a relaxation room where dogs can go to get away from the pack. It’s still cage and leash-free, but for some of our older patrons or smaller pups, it offers a breather from all the crazy fun we’re having with the bigger group.

The result is a happy dog. And hopefully, a happy owner who appreciates that their pup has been running and playing all day with newfound pals. Just know that a nap on the way home is their way of saying thanks.

All dogs go to heaven. The lucky ones go to The Watering Bowl.

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