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And The Hangover Goes To. . .

Wow, we had a lot of hangovers this year. In fact, we had over 300—making this year’s TWB Hangover Contest the most epic on record. For those who are unfamiliar with the Hangover Contest, first we must familiarize you with the The Doggy Hangover itself.

New Year’s Eve Ball

While you’re out partying on New Year’s Eve, we’ll be throwing a party of our own. Now, you might ask, do dogs know it’s New Year’s Eve? Or, is it one of seven New Year’s eves they celebrate throughout the year? Or, isn’t every night of dog boarding at The Watering Bowl pretty much like… Read more »

Dog Park Grand Opening

At The Watering Bowl, we like to think of ourselves as a cage-free canine community. Now, we’re taking that designation a step further with by helping to open our first-ever dog park in the St. Louis community. Introducing the Forest Park Southeast Dog Park. No cages, no leashes—just a great place to #domorewithyourdog.

Dogs In Search Of Great People

We like to think of ourselves as a great place for dogs to spend a day. Or a few days. And come to think of it, nights, too. Shoot, they can even get pampered in our Paw Spaw. Point being, it’s a pretty nice set up for our clientele. But the not-so-secret truth is: dogs… Read more »

Santa’s On His Way

The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare has become a regular stop on Santa’s route. And with a new location, we’ve added another date on the calendar for old St. Nick to pose with your pup. Here’s the rundown: Monday, 11/30 Brentwood 9:00-11:00am Tuesday, 12/1 Dog Grove 9:00-11:00am Monday, 12/7 South County 9:00-11:00am

New Campus For Butt Sniffers Academy

There’s a lot to be excited about with the new location at 5215 Manchester Avenue in the newly minted Dog Grove neighborhood. It’s big. It’s convenient. It’s not that far from the new Ikea, so you can drop your dog off while you go shop for more furniture for your dog to enjoy.

Welcome To The Dog Grove

Now, try reading that headline again without singing it like Axl Rose. Okay, glad that we got that out of the way. Once again, welcome to The Dog Grove. We’ve got fun and games. Scratch that. Seriously, there’s a story to tell here, and it doesn’t involve an 80’s rock band. We’ll save that for… Read more »